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Posted on: November 23rd, 2018


Here’s your chance to WIN £1000 by simply coming to the FITSHOW 2019 and taking part in the MADE FOR TRADE KORNICHE CHALLENGE

FITshow Korniche Challenge

Made for Trade are offering the opportunity for both new and experienced installers to rise to the challenge and become the fastest installers of our demonstration Korniche Lantern on Stand K10. If you think you’ve got that speed then you’re in with the chance to walk away with a BIG CASH PRIZE.

We will be holding a new competition each day, at the end of which the three quickest teams on our leaderboard will be going home with either £1000, £200 or £100 IN CASH.

The competition is open to anyone at FIT but entrants can pre-register with us for a guaranteed chance of taking part and being one of our VIP Guests. We’ll have limited space so don’t delay to ensure you don’t miss out.

The competition will be run on:

TUESDAY 21st May 2019
WEDNESDAY 22nd May 2019
THURSDAY 23rd MAY 2019

Enter the challenge for your chance to enjoy the glory of having your name on the top of our leaderboard along with some great press coverage of yourself and your business during and after the show. Winners will feature in FIT Show press releases and select industry-leading magazines.


Simply email with the subject line FIT SHOW CHALLENGE and tell us:

The names of your Team members, which day you will be attending and if you prefer an AM or PM challenge. We will confirm your place and send your FIT SHOW VIP Registration Link.

Get social – Tell everyone you’re entering use the hashtag #kornichechallenge

Taking the challenge:

  • A team of  two persons
  • Must be a registered business
  • Adhere to the challenge rules and wear the applicable PPE you will be provided on the day
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your allocated challenge time to go through the installation guide and have a practice session


Remember this from 2017? Take a look at the Made for Trade team installation here

Research the challenge – Here is a link to our easy to follow Installation Guide



Posted on: September 28th, 2018

The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern has been nominated in this year’s National Fenestration Awards in the category of conservatory roof fabricator.

As you can imagine everyone involved with the development of the Korniche is over the moon to be nominated for this award – it’s proof that the innovative Korniche has made a positive impact on the industry with its easy installation process and clean slimline aesthetics.

The nomination comes at the end of an incredibly successful month in fabrication and hugely positive feedback from homeowners when unveiled at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show at ExCeL London recently where we generated many sales leads and interest for our installers/building clients, partners and resellers.

Now is the time to embrace the most innovative, stronger, warmer, slimmer and easier to fit Korniche Roof Lantern

Please take a minute to vote for Korniche  – here: #NFA18

Go on .. Vote for the most innovative Glass Roof Lantern available today 😀


Korniche Roof Lantern WOWS Homebuilding & Renovating Show

Posted on: September 25th, 2018

Korniche success at The Homebuilding & Renovating Show at ExCeL London

korniche at Homebuilding & Renovating London

It’s fair to say that taking the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern brand to ExCeL was a huge success and had an immensely positive impact on everyone who came along to see the Korniche stand. Our key aim for these shows is to inform and educate homeowners about the Korniche and help develop sales for our distributors, retailers, installers and building clients nationwide.

Although the Korniche is now well established and a firm favourite amongst builders and installers due to the exceptional speed and ease of on-site installation, this glass roof lantern is still a relative newcomer to the homeowner. Public feedback at the London Show for the Korniche was amazingly positive and given us confidence it will become a Lantern of choice for homeowners looking for flat roof extension project solutions. The quality, thermal properties, and strength of the Korniche Glass Roof Lantern made it a big hit. On price alone, the Korniche appeared to be the solution that delivered more for less when compared to other Glass Roof Lanterns available.

With total product transparency, The Korniche team laid bare the Lantern by demonstrating the full installation process in front of large crowds throughout the show allowing homeowners to see the speed and ease of fit and impress on them the quality of engineering and expertise behind the development of the Korniche.

Missed us at ExCeL? We have agreed to do it all again with Homebuilding & Renovating at Harrogate from the 2nd to the 4th of November. If you have a flat roof extension project in mind come along and see how the slim-line, thermally efficient Korniche is the perfect solution to bring more light into your home.

Korniche Stand at London ExCeL Homebuilding and Renovating Show Korniche Demo at London ExCeL

Do The G-Awards Reflect The Best Of Our Industry? A Question For the organisers

Posted on: December 12th, 2017

The G-Awards should be the highlight of the Glazing Industry’s year, an event all in the industry believe is fairly judged to celebrate outstanding achievement.

All those nominated no matter which category they have been shortlisted for should trust that they will have a fair chance of winning…… But is this the case?

My company ‘Made for Trade’ was shortlisted for the ‘New Product of the Year’ G-Awards category for the Korniche Roof Lantern. We didn’t win and of course were very disappointed, but putting aside this disappointment we were left wondering which criteria were being used by the judging panel to arrive at a winner.

In our category, the criteria should have included ‘new innovation’. Our nominated product; the Korniche Roof Lantern has several innovative features which has totally deskilled a process that up until now has required time served, experienced installers. Also several innovations have vastly reduced the installation time down to mere minutes!

Some of these features include:

• Innovation to allow glazing in seconds due to our unique triple purpose glazing retainer

• Innovation to completely remove the need for silicone sealant within the roof structure

• Innovation to enable the look and feel of a traditional timber lantern through the invention of our patent pending roof boss

• Innovation in the smart design which enables our lantern to withstand live loads of up to 8 tonnes of force on a market leading 6m x 4m roof which incidentally is twice that of our nearest competitor… the list goes on but needless to say this is REAL innovation. What we have created is a product which can hit an entirely new part of the market, a part of the market which wasn’t accessible before we developed the technologies seen in the Korniche.

When we looked at the other nominees in our category, the flush sash products of deceuninck and Epwin’s Optima stand out and are very good and very similar but nothing really new. One could ask the question that being so similar how are they differentiated…….. so again what is the judging criteria ?

What disappointed us most was the fact that we were not contacted by the G-Awards judging panel to arrange a visit and talk to us about our product and see for themselves the features that set the Korniche apart and give it the Wow factor ……So how is judging carried out we ask? Does it just rely on the entry form you submit because that’s what it looks like! Write anything you like for your Awards entry because no one will query it!

Most people we spoke to before and after the G-Awards ceremony, even the editors of the industry’s most influential magazines, believed the Korniche would stand a good chance of winning and were gobsmacked no one from the judging panel had visited or even asked any questions of us……

So is the judging bias towards the Sponsors, it would seem so as nearly every year they appear to win most of the categories?

Before the event we had heard a lot of people in the industry make comments about the awards ranging from ‘If you are not a sponsor then you have no chance’,… ‘Its fixed in favour of the event sponsors and the main players in the industry’. ‘The larger PR Companies representing some or all of the bigger companies including sponsors hold sway with decisions’. I am sure that the G-Awards promoters, sponsors and judges would be appalled at these comments, but they are very real. Comments like this need to be tackled through transparency so clarity of how judging is carried out in the future is urgently needed, criteria being used to differentiate between products is a must….If these points were clearer and acted upon it would create a fairer and better understood Award system that could be embraced by the whole of industry and make for a more credible, inclusive awards..

We do realize that some categories seem well judged ie ’Fabricator and Installer of the Year’ as well as the’ Derek Bonnard Award’ but we would like to see as one major magazine editor suggests that ‘Product Entries’ are accompanied by Judges comments and published alongside each of the other entrants products to avoid any doubt that assessment has been thorough and fair.

We also think that another suggestion from an editor of another major magazine deserves consideration…ie ‘Best New Product of the Year’ category would benefit from a voting/judging system aimed at users of the products- maybe an online platform allowing fabricators and installers to vote and be a part of the judging process.

Being recognised by winning a G-Awards should be looked upon as the highest Accolade in the industry……Can it happen?

Sour grapes on our part ? NO. Disappointment? YES. However the disappointment is about no one from the ‘G-Awards judging panel visiting or contacting us to see our product! How therefore could it be assessed and judged against a competing product in the ’Best New Product of the Year’ category from just an entry form? We do have new products coming on stream but I don’t think we will be entering next year or reserving a table unless we can believe that transparency and fairness can prevail.

Maybe we are unique in this view point, maybe we should ask others through our social media avenues to see if this is really the case…

We’d be interested to hear your views, email: use or contact form or follow us on Twitter: @kornichelantern, #kornichelantern.

Yours Faithfully

Richard Gaunt

Director, Aanco/Made for Trade

Made For Trade new staff

Posted on: November 28th, 2017

Made For Trade Appoint New Staff Following Korniche Expansion

Throughout 2017 Made for Trade has expanded its workforce in all aspects of the business to manage growing demand for its products including the Global Conservatory Roof and Bi-folding doors. Following the success and expansion of the Korniche Aluminium Lantern recent strategic new staff appointments include Rebecca Claydon and Thomas Fielding.

Rebecca’s role as Client Account Manager is to support Made for Trade’s client base across all products ensuring high levels of service are maintained and develop strategies for new client relationships.

Thomas is an Engineer with an automotive background working on projects demanding precision and high tolerances. These skills add to the existing design and engineering backgrounds of Bradley Gaunt, Managing Director, Ashley Gaunt, Head of Design and Chris Wann, (pictured centre) Made for Trade’s Business Manager.

Chris says “We are very excited about both appointments, it shows our continued commitment to existing and new clients alongside further investment in product development and lean manufacturing techniques to maintain and enhance operations across our product base”

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