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Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern & Bi-folding Doors

stronger korniche roof lantern

Every component used in the Korniche system has been designed, developed and refined by our in-house engineering team using industry leading 3D design and analysis software. The result is a system of parts meticulously optimised to create a stronger and stiffer roof lantern assembly of any roof on the market. Unparalleled in strength, the Korniche is capable of supporting loads up to 3.5kN/m2.


Patent-pending aluminium bosses make up the cornerstones of the system, these strong die cast parts have been developed to tie the roof spas and eaves beams together in such a way that forces from wind and snow loading are distributed evenly throughout the structure. High strength Helicoil inserts have been fitted at every point where aluminium parts support fasteners to protect threads and further reinforce joints.


Where rafters are positioned across the ridge we have taken things one step further to ensure structural integrity will never be compromised. Back to back rafters are mirrored across the ridge body which allows us to bolt each rafter to its partner through an internal anti-crush tube. The precision turned aluminium component is perfectly machined to fit, hidden, within the ridge body profile. The resulting configuration ensures that after the die cast lugs are bolted into position the ridge section cannot deform under load. Utilising this fixing method, the usually weak link that is inherent in other systems has been designed out resulting in an incredibly strong joint with no visible reinforcement spoiling the view.


Custom extruded 6060 T6 sections make up the lightweight, rigid beams used for the ridge, rafters and eaves. Deep structural profiles formed with internal bracing provide the required strength, and a design configuration supporting the glass high up is yet another example of how form follows function to provide great depth when viewed from below. Traditional ogee detailing is added along the lower edges to complete that clean classic feel.


Having precision engineered parts connecting lightweight rigid profiles means that Korniche is an incredibly strong system from the outset, but with BBA accreditation in the pipeline we needed to be sure we could prove our roof is able to withstand the worst conditions that the UK weather can throw at it. To achieve this extensive modelling and subsequent refinement of the design using state of the art FEA (finite element analysis) software was carried out and this has resulted in our system having load bearing capabilities well in excess of the worst-cases derived from Euro code specifications.

Engineered and tested using these latest technologies we are confident that we have created the stiffest lantern roof currently on the market and to top it off Korniche can be safely supplied up to an impressive 6m x 4m.

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