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When it comes to bring more of the outdoors into your home, it’s the details that make the difference. Matching finishes. The perfect glide. Slim profiles. More glass. Better protection. Superb heat retention. Korniche gets every element right.

With clean, consistent and slim designs our products superbly reflect the attention to detail at every step of manufacture. Bespoke components are beautifully finished and highly durable, with narrow profiles. It’s the small but essential details that set Korniche products apart.

Roof Lanterns

roof lanterns from Korniche Aluminium Systems

A Korniche Roof Lantern is the key to transforming your living space with natural light. It goes beyond aesthetics, bringing a functional and feeling shift to your home. With a bespoke sizing suit any vision, a Korniche Roof Lantern lets natural light flood your space, creating a whole new way to experience your home.

Bi-fold Doors

bi fold door and roof lantern by Korniche

Experience indoor-outdoor living redefined with Korniche Bi-Fold Doors. Effortlessly blend your spaces with stunning doors that glide smoothly, boasting superior security and sleek style. All while bathed in natural light, thanks to Korniche’s innovative design.

Flat Glass Rooflights

Flat Skylight Main Korniche

Flood your home with natural light and cutting-edge design with the Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight. This innovative solution transforms your living space into a bright, welcoming haven.

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