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Sevenday | A Leading Supplier of Korniche

Sevenday is a leading supplier of Korniche bi-folding doors, roof lanterns and flat glass. The home of the Multi-Award- Winning Korniche brand offers unrivalled quality and engineered products all at unbeatable prices.

We offer the full Korniche range of products, as well as a team of experienced professionals who can help you plan and support you with your project.

bi-folding doors

Korniche bi-folding doors are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication a home. They’re also a great way to improve energy efficiency and security. Korniche bi-folding doors are made from high-quality aluminium and feature several innovative design features, such as:


  • A patented clip-in bead system that makes glazing quick and easy.
  • Enhanced security protection as standard.
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • All come delivered pre-assembled
bi fold doors and lantern by Korniche aluminium systems
A modern kitchen with a large roof Korniche roof lantern installed in the roof. Bifold doors open out into a garden, where a deckchair is situated on the pavement.

roof lanterns

The korniche roof lantern offers an exceptional product at a great price with easy-fit technology reducing time on site. Designed brighter, engineered better.


  • Fast & simple installation
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Multiple configurations
  • Short manufacturing lead times

flat glass

The Korniche flat glass rooflight launch is incoming! The korniche flat glass is easy to install, it’s from a world where aesthetics meet efficiency. Enjoy the benefit of your build project being water tight in the shortest possible time without the hassle of a complicated installation.


  • Replaceable glass unit 
  • Easy mess free installation
  • Internal cover trim for a perfect finish
  • Double and triple glazing options
Korniche Flat Glass visual breakdown
Korniche Flat Glass Rooflight

why choose korniche?

Precision. Simplicity. Beauty.

There are many reasons to choose Korniche bi-folding doors and roof lanterns. They have developed the most advanced aluminium glazing products on the market. They understand that there is no thing as compromise when it comes to you dream home.


  • Maximising natural light: Not only is every product designed to let as much natural light into the living space as possible, their bi fold doors and lanterns also maintain great thermals and the highest level of security available.


  • Superior design: Designed from the ground up, every part has been meticulously engineered to combine with the next, transforming a simple interior into a magnificent living space.


  • Unique features: A wealth of unique features improve heat retention, security, functionality and aesthetic appeal, so you can enjoy a final product which is stronger, slimmer, warmer and easier to install.

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