Award-winning DIY expert Georgina Burnett, also known as “The Home Genie,” shares her experience with the Korniche Roof Lantern and how it transformed her north-facing space.

Are you facing the challenge of bringing natural light into a north-facing room? Georgina Burnett, a renowned figure in the DIY and property world, encountered the same issue during her self-build project.

In this video, Georgina reveals her solution: the award-winning Korniche Roof Lantern.

The Challenge: Bringing Light into a North-Facing Space

“Ensuring enough natural light was a major concern for my north-facing room,” explains Georgina. “I knew a roof lantern would be ideal, but I worried about the cost.”

Georgina Burnett, "The Home Genie", sitting on a roof next to the Korniche Roof Lantern

“The Home Genie” Georgina Burnett

The Solution: The Affordable & Easy-to-Install Korniche Roof Lantern

Georgina’s concerns were quickly addressed after discovering the Korniche Roof Lantern. “This award-winning lantern is not only affordable, but so easy to install, I even considered doing it myself!” she exclaims. While she opted for professional installation, the video highlights the product’s simplicity and speed of assembly.

"The Home Genie" Georgina Burnett in a living room under the Lantern.

“The Home Genie” Georgina Burnett in a living room under the Roof Lantern.

Strength, Design, and Thermal Efficiency: A Winning Combination

“The Korniche Lantern’s full aluminum structure is incredibly strong,” Georgina continues, “and its minimal design with fewer rafters creates a sleek and stylish look.”

She also emphasizes the importance of thermal efficiency, especially with a significant glass area. “The Korniche Lantern features a thermally broken system with excellent U-values, ensuring optimal heat retention,” she explains. This, combined with the 10-year guarantee on both glass and profile, solidified her decision.

A view under the Korniche Roof Lantern

Looking up at the Korniche Roof Lantern

Aesthetics and Overall Impact: A Game Changer

While Georgina had the option for a custom color, she ultimately chose anthracite grey with a slight tint to reduce glare. The impact has been remarkable: “Everyone who enters the room comments on the beautiful lantern,” she shares. “It has completely transformed the look and feel of the entire space.”

Georgina Burnett, also known as “The Home Genie”

Georgina Burnett, also known as “The Home Genie”

Transform Your Home with Korniche

Inspired by Georgina’s experience? The Korniche Roof Lantern can be the perfect solution to bring natural light and a touch of elegance to your home.

Benefits of a Roof Lantern:

  • Increases natural light in challenging spaces.
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly.
  • Easy to install, saving time and effort.
  • Strong and durable aluminium construction with a sleek design.
  • Thermally efficient with excellent U-values.
  • Available in various configurations and colours to suit your needs.

Contact your local installer or visit our website to learn more about the Korniche Roof Lantern and bring the beauty of natural light into your home!